Class Structure


Our Staff

Our director has been at Stepping Stone since it opened in 2004. Since then we have proudly graduated over 125 kids, equipping them with the skills they need to succeed in Kindergarten and beyond!

We have 6 classrooms at our center where your child will be provided nurturing educational experiences.

All new employees go through 10 hours of pre-service training
All staff complete 25+ hours of training annually and we exceed the requirements for employees required to pass CPR and First Aid

Finally, Stepping Stone provides a formal performance management program for all employees and an online training and a resource room for all tools necessary to enhance the development of the children.


Our activities are planned around your child’s individual needs, abilities, and interests. Because children learn through their senses and by moving, it may not look like school to you! Teachers use play experiences to help children learn skills and concepts. Activities encourage exploration, creativity and problem solving. The staff works with children to enhance their learning and development in all areas: social-emotional, physical, language/literacy, and intellectual.


Adventures for Toddlers

18-36 Months

A curriculum that includes experiences based on the Arkansas Framework for Infant and Toddler Care Developmental Strands and Benchmarks; includes experiences for all of the developmental strands – self-concept, emotional, social, language, physical, and cognitive.

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Adventures In Learning

3-5 Years

A curriculum that includes language and literacy, science/discovery and math activities, food/nutrition experiences, movement/physical education movement/physical education, ideas for learning centers and outdoors, transition activities, family activities, and patterns for teacher-made materials; includes activities based on the Arkansas Early Childhood Education Framework Developmental Learning Strands and Benchmarks.

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